Ashley deng

horror / dark fantasy author and freelance editor


You are a spore, barely more than a twinkle in your many parents’ breeding-breathing air.

Sun, Moon, and Wretched Star

It’s fall, and the world is tinged with slowly-falling leaves and homemade mooncakes. Her family makes everything here in their little corner of nowhere.

Questions to Grow Up On

that’s all you know
that’s all you’ve ever known


Ashley Deng (鄧彩雲) | 🇨🇦 🇨🇳 🇯🇲 | Canadian-born Chinese-Jamaican writer with a love of fantasy and all things Gothic. She studied biochemistry with a particular interest in making accessible the often-cryptic world of science and medicine. When not writing, she spends her spare time overthinking society and culture and genre fiction.

Currently, she works as a content writer for StoryBilder and is Assistant Editor at Mermaids Monthly and Content Manager with the Dream Foundry. Her work can be found at Fireside Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, and Queen of Swords Press.


Short Fiction

"The House at the End of the World" (Augur Magazine, forthcoming Summer 2021)
“Dégustation” (Nightmare Magazine, June 2020)
“Sun, Moon, and Wretched Star” (Fireside Magazine, April 2020)
“The Seafarer” (part of Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) by Queen of Swords Press)


Questions to Grow Up On (Fireside Magazine, July 2019)

Curious Fictions (non-fiction)


Please note that I am currently unavailable for editing services. Thank you for understanding.

I primarily work with fiction editing, including developmental editing, copy or line editing, general critiques on beta reads, and sensitivity reading for manuscripts. Critiques of novel and novella-length work tends to average 1k of feedback for every 25k of manuscript. Non-fiction work will also be considered.


• Short fiction to novel-length (>3k words, upper limit negotiable)
Fantasy and all its subgenres, science fiction, and horror
• Adult fiction only, please (I am sadly not well-versed in YA)
• Sensitivity reading: I can read for East Asian diaspora, Caribbean diaspora, bisexuality, autism
• In general, my rates are $30 CAD / 10k words of manuscript. Copy and line editing vary (approx $0.01CAD/word).


• General article writing
• Biomedical sciences for general audiences

Please to contact me via the form on my website for any considerations.